The cutest custom party favours you've ever seen

Fun goodie bags that kids & grown-ups can get excited about!

Custom designed & filled with goodies

Our pouches are custom designed to match the theme of your party and made from fine quality paper.
We fill them up with a mix of cookies, chocolates, candies and surprise gifts that gets everyone excited.

Loot Pouch

Loot Pouches

Our largest-sized pouch filled with a mix of 4-6 treats and 4-6 surprise gifts.

Mighty Pouch

Mighty Pouches

Our medium-sized pouch. You can get this filled with just a mix of treats or a mix of surprise gifts.

Shortie Pouch

Shortie Pouches

The shortie pouches are filled with about a hand-full of small sweets and chocolates.

Shortie Pouch

Unfilled Pouches

Order your pouches unfilled. They come with everything you need to seal. It's super simple.

Mini Pouch

Mini Pouches

The minis are perfect for businesses. Customize with your logo and a call-to-action. Great for parties too!

Mini Pouch

Gift Pouches

Order pouches for every gifting occasion. Christmas, Valentines, Halloween and more!

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